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Mercy Health System President/CEO Javon Bea and the Mercy Health System leadership team are committed to helping others implement the Five Principles for Dramatic Success to achieve transformation and sustain success. We believe that to best serve your customers, you must first serve your employees. Our bottom-up approach to leadership encourages idea sharing and facilitates an effective horizontal organization. It allows your organization to implement changes immediately, making you a strong competitor in your market. Our continuous cycle of workshops, lectures, and opportunities for individual consulting/coaching teach you how to:

  • Objectively assess and reinvent your organization’s culture to foster growth and increased profitability
  • Proclaim a vision that leads your organization to success
  • Refine and restate your mission for greater impact
  • Develop agile leadership at all levels of your organization
  • Use horizontal decision-making techniques for greater participation and commitment throughout your organization
  • Provide leadership models for effective personal accountability and self-governance
  • Identify where your organization is vulnerable to outside factors, so you can minimize your exposure through integration and other innovative strategies
  • Gather the right information and efficiently analyze your data to better understand your customers and your market
  • Implement benchmark-driven accountability systems to support breakthrough quality improvements
  • Effectively use accountability systems to govern, lead, and direct your organization
  • Become a “Best Place to Work,” enhancing loyalty, productivity, and employee satisfaction

Our consultants are happy to share their success stories and proven results with your organization upon request. Some of the workshops and lectures available to accelerate organizational change include:

  • Boards of Directors: Developing visionary strategies
  • Boards of Directors: Ethical challenges
  • Revitalizing your culture
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Assessing,measuring, and developing customer satisfaction strategies
  • Achieving community partnerships
  • Horizontal decision-making
  • Leadership models
  • Turnaround strategies
  • Leadership development
  • Employee satisfaction

Seminars, workshops or lectures

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