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Tool Box

Employee Satisfaction Toolbox

  • Employee satisfaction tools
  • Employee satisfaction survey and feedback analysis tools
  • Employee satisfaction improvement plan
  • Nationally-recognized, effective reward and recognition tools
  • Intervention tools
  • Partner exchange program
  • Educational institutes
  • Random focused surveys

Customer Satisfaction Toolbox

  • Organizational readiness to change assessment
  • Customer identification profile
  • Customized survey and feedback analysis tool
  • Customer satisfaction improvement plan
  • Customer Relationship Management model
  • Customer satisfaction tools
  • Critical Moments of Service booklet
  • Rapid-cycle feedback tool
  • Service recovery tools

Leadership Assessment Toolbox

  • Personality assessment
  • Personal vision statement and personal development plan
  • Assessment of key attributes and attitudes for new employees
  • Listening and communication enhancement tools
  • Diversity assessment
  • Team index evaluation
  • Empowerment tools
  • Coaching style assessment
  • Effective coaching skills and improvement plan
  • Conflict resolution style assessment
  • Dealing with difficult people module
  • Proven problem-solving techniques
  • CQItools to analyze employee patient satisfaction data
  • Embracing change module
  • Readiness to change profile
  • Work place trust tool kit
  • Time management skills profile
  • Workday management tool kit
  • Time-management barriers tool kit

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