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The team of experts at Mercy Health System has over 100 years of experience in organizational development, including expertise regarding: leadership strategies and development, strategic planning, customer service and satisfaction, information technology and resource management, human resources, and process improvement.

Our team’s experience and success with innovative management techniques, proven culture of excellence strategies, and a revolutionary W2 Physician Partnership Model of compensation are an integral part of what make us unique. Relying on five principles for dramatic success, we can help your organization achieve impressive results.

Our tailored consulting services and organizational education programs were developed by our team of experts based on their many years of experience and their success in transforming Mercy Health System from a small, community hospital into a profitable, quality-focused, and award-winning organization that received the 2007 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the health care category. The chart below illustrates the powerful transformation that occurred under their leadership:

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