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Leadership Institute

The power of effective leadership cannot be underestimated. Identifying and supporting the key leadership qualities required for success is critical to creating a lasting culture of excellence. Mercy Health System President/CEO Javon Bea and the Mercy Health System leadership team teach proven strategies and provide concrete tools to help leaders empower and inspire their workforce.

Our team can also help your organization develop an internal leadership institute that will continue to build confidence and inspire your leaders to excellence long after training ends. You invest in success when you invest in leadership.

Leadership training modules cover:

  • Committing to excellence by preparing a personal vision statement and development plan
  • Improving new team member selection and orientation processes to ensure collective alignment
  • Using proven best practices in communication excellence to capitalize on the exchange of ideas and solutions
  • Understanding and maximizing the contributions of a diverse workforce
  • Encouraging coaching and mentoring to enhance job performance
  • Enhancing problem-solving skills to negotiate positive outcomes and effect real change
  • Implementing fact-based improvement techniques for effecting rapid and sustainable outcomes
  • Introducing adaptability skills to assure leaders champion change within your organization
  • Establishing accountability by providing tools for self-motivation

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