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Customer Satisfaction / Coaching

Your employees are the face of your business. Mercy Health System President/CEO Javon Bea and the Mercy Health System leadership team can help you improve employee-customer interactions, and therefore the customer experience, through servant-leadership. Inspired by the principle of “responsiveness in, responsiveness out,” the servant-leadership model encourages leaders to serve their employees first so that these employees are satisfied and best prepared to serve customers.

Our team can help you dramatically improve customer satisfaction through customer interaction, scenario planning, and customer-focused department reviews. We provide the training required to raise your degree of service excellence to best practice levels and beyond.

We can help you:

  • Better identify and meet customer needs.
    After identifying all possible customer groups, we will help you develop customized survey tools to more finely pinpoint and solve customer needs.
  • Assess your existing customer satisfaction efforts.
    Gathering representative feedback is critical when assessing your customer satisfaction efforts. We can analyze your current assessment tools and existing feedback, and then develop a comprehensive plan, with specific mechanisms, to ensure your customers’ needs are being met.
  • Create an environment of continuous improvement.
    Our consultants teach proven best practices. Let us help you develop and implement rapid-cycle feedback to create direct and immediate impact. The result? Improved customer and employee engagement, involvement, and, ultimately, satisfaction.

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