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Effectively managing change and encouraging revitalization requires a strong organizational foundation. Mercy Health System President/CEO Javon Bea and the Mercy Health System leadership team offer a proven method of successful cultural integration, providing the expertise your organization needs to develop an adaptive culture of excellence. From motivational seminars to one-on-one consulting, choose from a wide variety of tools capable of finely analyzing your organization’s culture and developing a tailor-made strategy for improvement.

Our Team can help your corporation:

  • Increase employee satisfaction, retention, and attraction
  • Improve productivity
  • Strengthen loyalty
  • Implement proven tools to enhance organizational success
  • Develop benchmark-driven accountability systems to support breakthrough change
  • Increase bottom-line results

A revolutionary organizational framework, personalized for each consulting participant, allows for dynamic change resulting in a successful culture of excellence.

We can help your organization identify critical elements for exceptional performance using five principles for dramatic success. This multi-tier approach supports breakthrough change across an organization’s many vital functions.

We assist clients in developing customer service strategies to increase market share and decrease risk and error while simultaneously implementing proven processes to increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. We also train leaders, helping them develop the necessary skills to attain your desired results.

Dynamic Cultural Change

An organization’s culture underlies and drives everything it does. From vision to implementation, culture provides the foundation for success or failure.

The key to success is implementing an approach that creates lasting change, not a quick fix. Temporary changes in behavior and feel-good initiatives can only take an organization so far. We teach our clients how to develop and sustain a strong cultural foundation that ignites employees’ “inner light”-that special something that underlies a passion for excellence. By tapping into your employees’ internal motivation, our clients foster a permanent change in attitude, paving the way for exceptional customer service and organizational growth.

Creating a positive and sustainable culture is a bit like repainting a barn. You can take the easy route, slathering shiny red paint over a barn’s peeling facade and creating the illusion of a problem solved. But your success would be short-lived. To make lasting changes, you must take the time to replace and treat the rotten wood before painting. You must lay the foundation for true success. Culture is like that. When you build a dynamic culture that embraces change, you don’t have to impose numerous behavioral directives to move forward. Suddenly your employees are helping you proactively respond to your environment rather than awaiting direction from the top. We can help you make this happen.

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